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Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross-cutting, Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm Refresher (Lantra) Basic Tree Survey and Inspection (FLS) Utility Arboriculture Emergency First Aid at Work + Forestry (on the Isle of Man) Aluminium Phosphide Awareness CPD Tree Climbing & Aerial Rescue Forestry / Woodland Mensuration course City & Guilds Level 2 CPD Module in Felling up to 380mm Level 3 Certificate of Competence in Felling and Processing Large Trees Over 760mm (Unit 305) RTITB Slinger & Signaller RTITB Yardshunter e-learning RTITB Vehicle Mounted Lift Trucks e-learning RTITB Commercial Goods Vehicle Banksmen e-learning RTITB Order Picker e-learning RTITB VNA e-learning RTITB Pivot Steer Truck e-learning RTITB Tow Tractors e-learning RTITB Electric pallet & stacker truck e-learning RTITB Forklift Trucks e-learning RTITB MEWP e-learning LANTRA Chainsaw Cross-cut & Maintenance REFRESHER LANTRA Tree Climbing & Aerial Rescue – Refresher Horticultural 3 Week Block Course Tree Surgery 4 Week Block Course PA9 Safe Application of Pesticide Mists, Fogs and Smokes PA4 Safe Application of Pelleted or Granular Pesticides Using Mounted or Trailed Applicators PA3 Safe Application of Pesticides Using Variable Geometry Boom or Broadcast Sprayers PA12 Safe Application of Pesticides to Plant Material During a Continuous flow Process LANTRA Health & Safety – Treework Fell Utility Poles (CS43) LANTRA Forklift Training LANTRA Excavator Courses LANTRA Ride-On Roller Course LANTRA Remote Control Mowers Stump Grinder Training (Unit 220) PA6 Hand-held Applicators LOLER Certificate of Competence in the Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Equipment Emergency First Aid at Work +Forestry Course FMO Agri-based Crane Training (Unit 208) FMO Mulcher / Flail Training (Unit 217) Level 3 Certificate of Competence in Emergency Treework Planning (Unit 304) FMO Skidder Training PA2 Safe Application of Pesticides Using Self Propelled, Mounted, Trailed Horizontal Boom Sprayers Tree Surgery Advance Block Course Assisted Felling Course (Unit 303) FISA Refresher Update Training for Supervisors and Forest Works Managers Professional Tree Survey and Inspection Course – LANTRA Tree Surgery 6 Week Block Course Chainsaw Cross-cut and Maintenance Course (LANTRA) Forestry Harvester Training Forestry Forwarder Training PA1/PA6 Safe Use of Hand Held Pesticide Applicators Course Ride On and Pedestrian Lawn Mowers Courses Hand Held Hedge Trimmer Training (Unit 201) Clearing Saws Training Brushcutter and Strimmer Training (Unit 201) Manual Handling Courses First Aid at Work Re-Qualification First Aid at Work Courses Emergency First Aid at Work Course Abrasive Wheels Training Course Tractor Driving & Maintenance Courses Sit Astride ATV Training Course Sit In ATV Training Course LANTRA Trailer Handling Course LANTRA Off Road Vehicle Operating (4×4) Level 3 Certificate of Competence in Dealing with Interwoven Stems and Part Blown Trees Felling and Processing Medium Trees Over 380mm and up to 760mm unit 304 (Replaces unit 301/ CS32) Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross-cutting, Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm (CS30/31) Chainsaw 4 Week Block Course Power Pole Pruners Course (Unit 205) Basic Tree Survey and Inspection(LANTRA) Woodchippers Course (Unit 222) Arboriculture Dismantling Techniques (Unit 309 / CS41) Arboriculture Pruning Operations (Unit 307 / CS40) Use of a Chainsaw from a Rope and Harness Course (Unit 308 / CS39) Basic Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue (Units 206, 306 / CS38)

Tree Surgery 4 Week Block Course

£2600 per person (This course is VAT exempt.)
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Fast Track Tree Surgery Course

This 4 week block course is designed for someone who would like a career in the arboricultural industry and can’t commit the time to our standard block course. We cannot promise you that you will be the fastest climber after this course but we will give you a great start into the tree climbing world. This course is intended to bring an inexperienced operator up to competent operator level, in the process becoming a real asset to an arborist company.

Please note this course does not include Felling & Processing Trees over 380mm, this can be done at a later date, if required, or by joining the tree surgery 6 week block course instead.

Most of your training & assessments in one go without wasting months or even years waiting for the next training course or assessment.

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What's Involved Pricing and Funding Qualifications

We will train you to over and above the following NPTC standards and will provide successful candidates with 7 City & Guilds/NPTC awards:

  • Unit 201 – Maintenance of the Chainsaw and Cutting System & Cross-Cut Timber Using a Chainsaw (CS30)
  • Unit 202 – Fell and Process Trees up to 380mm (CS31)
  • Unit 206 – Access a Tree Using a Rope and Harness (Formerly Cs38)
  • Unit 306 – Carry out Aerial Rescue Operations (Formerly Cs38)
  • Unit 308- Use of a chainsaw from a rope and harness (Formerly Cs39)
  • LANTRA First aid + Forestry Certificate
  • NPTC Use of brushwood chipper

We do not push other units within the course. This course has many skills to learn within a 4 week period. The idea is to make you more than competent on the units within the course. Tree surgery has skills which are learned and honed in years not weeks, however this course is the perfect first step to get you heading in the right direction.

We look at pricing structures for quoting tree works. Waste products off your tree works, how can profit be made from these? What paper work is involved in running a tree surgery company? Best way of marketing your company to gain more tree surgery work.

These are some of the things we would look at throughout the course. Towards the end of the course a period of relevant work experience so that candidates can see how the skills they have learnt are put into practice in a commercial environment.


£2600 per person

The NPTC tests for the felling and climbing units are undertaken by an independent assessor. The cost of these assessments is fully covered by your course fees. We arrange the assessments for the felling units within a few days of the end of the felling course. However, we do not always arrange the climbing assessments straight after the climbing course for the following reasons:

Passing the felling units is a pre-condition of taking the CS39 assessment, so if a candidate did not pass CS30 or CS31, they would have booked and paid for a test they couldn’t take.

After 5 continuous days of climbing a significant number of candidates are sufficiently tired that their performance on a test would be significantly impaired. Climbing is a skill which it can take some time to become proficient at, and consequently a candidate who takes the time to practice and hone his skills is much more likely to pass. Because the assessment involves undertaking 2 simulated rescues, speed of movement in the tree is important.

As a quest to get everyone to pass the full NPTC units we would like to a skills check. This would be a sort interview and short session of tree climbing to see if you are happy with heights and fitness involved in the course. We will do this skill check for free.


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