RUWC 02 – Refresh and Update Windblow Course – Harvesting

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RUWC 02 – Refresh and Update Windblow Course – Harvesting

What is expected of me as an chainsaw operator or employer?

Post the compliance date, contract awards with FISA participating organisations will require chainsaw operators and those supervising the contract to demonstrate that they have undertaken formally recorded chainsaw training within the five-year period immediately prior to the commencement of any operation/contract.

What is the Compliance date?

The deadline for compliance is now agreed as 1st October 2013. From this date everyone will need to demonstrate their refresher training record to the Landowner, Forest Works Manager or Site Supervisor or the relevant responsible agent.

Is the Scheme just for Chainsaw Operators?

No, FISA recognises the essential role that those supervising chainsaw operations have to play in maintaining / enhancing operator safety. The Scheme therefore also applies to supervisors and a specific module has been designed to address this.

Is the Scheme just for FISA members who are Operators/Contractors?

No, the scheme applies to all contractors/operators who undertake chainsaw work on behalf of a FISA Member.

Do I need to be a FISA member to be eligible for the Training?

No, the FISA Scheme is about setting a standard within the forest industry and therefore FISA training is available to non –members. One benefit of FISA membership is of course that the cost of any FISA organised training will be at a reduced price compared to that for non-members.

Does the scheme just apply to Harvesting Operations?

No, the scheme applies to all forest operations / operatives which involve the use of a chainsaw e.g. fencing, cleaning etc

What is considered suitable training?

You must be able to evidence attendance and completion of a chainsaw operator course which must have included the basic elements of AFAG/FISA guides 301, 302, 303.

You must be able to produce an attendance record and illustrate the acceptable course content.

Typically operator courses run by Lantra or City and Guilds instructors are very likely to have covered these elements.

What about previously run Refresher Courses?

Over a number of years, some Companies operating in the sector have commissioned their own Refresher training courses. It is probable that these courses will have covered the basic elements and satisfies the new requirements. If you attended any such course, you should contact the Company or your employer to assist in providing evidence of the course content and your attendance. If the appropriate information is available then you will be deemed to have met the refresher standard and not be expected to retrain for a further 5 year period.

This course is designed for the harvesting operators working regularly on commercial production sites and will cover update training a variety of felling and takedown techniques in the context of multiple windblown trees. It will cover trees sizes up to and in excess of 2 guide bar lengths. (provided such trees are available on site and operators have CS32/34/35) on sites with multiple windblown trees.

The trainees will be given instruction on site preparation, risk assessment, PPE and equipment preparation. It will provide instruction on take down techniques and the use of a variety of aid tools including as appropriate restraining and specialist cutting sequences specifically for windblown crops.

RAG reports will be issued for all attendees with specific recommendations for R and A outcomes.

Duration: 1 Day
Trainees: 4 Max

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