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LANTRA Chainsaw Cross-cut & Maintenance REFRESHER LANTRA Tree Climbing & Aerial Rescue – REFRESHER Horticultural 3 Week Block Course Tree Surgery 4 Week Block Course PA9 Safe Application of Pesticide Mists, Fogs and Smokes PA4 Safe Application of Pelleted or Granular Pesticides Using Mounted or Trailed Applicators PA3 Safe Application of Pesticides Using Variable Geometry Boom or Broadcast Sprayers PA12 Safe Application of Pesticides to Plant Material During a Continuous flow Process Level 3 Award in Felling Large Trees & Crown Breakdown LANTRA Health & Safety – Treework Fell Utility Poles (CS43) LANTRA Forklift Training LANTRA Excavator Courses LANTRA Ride-On Roller Course LANTRA Remote Control Mowers Stump Grinder Training (Unit 220) PA6 Hand-held Applicators LOLER Certificate of Competence in the Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Equipment (XARB03) Emergency First Aid at Work +Forestry Course FMO Agri-based Crane Training (Unit 208) FMO Mulcher / Flail Training (Unit 217) Emergency Treework Operations (Unit 305 / CS50) FMO Skidder Training PA2 Safe Application of Pesticides Using Self Propelled, Mounted, Trailed Horizontal Boom Sprayers Tree Surgery Advance Block Course Assisted Felling Course (Unit 303) RUBC 10 – Basic Refresh and Update Course – Non Harvesting RUWC 02 – Refresh and Update Windblow Course – Harvesting FISA Refresher Update Training for Supervisors and Forest Works Managers RUFC 01 FISA Chainsaw Refresher Training Professional Tree Survey and Inspection Course – LANTRA Tree Surgery 6 Week Block Course Chainsaw Cross-cut and Maintenance Course (LANTRA) Forestry Harvester Training Forestry Forwarder Training PA1/PA6 Safe Use of Hand Held Pesticide Applicators Course Ride On and Pedestrian Lawn Mowers Courses Hand Held Hedge Trimmer Training (Unit 201) Clearing Saws Training Brushcutter and Strimmer Training (Unit 201) Manual Handling Courses First Aid at Work Re-Qualification First Aid at Work Courses Emergency First Aid at Work Course Abrasive Wheels Training Course Tractor Driving & Maintenance Courses Sit Astride ATV Training Course Sit In ATV Training Course LANTRA Trailer Handling Course LANTRA Off Road Vehicle Operating (4×4) Severing Uprooted or Windblown Trees using a Chainsaw (Unit 302 CS34/35) Felling and Processing Trees over 380mm (Unit 301 / CS32) Chainsaw Maintenance, Crosscutting & Felling Small Trees Up To 380mm (CS30/31) Chainsaw 4 Week Block Course Power Pole Pruners Course (Unit 205) Basic Tree Survey (LANTRA) Woodchippers Course (Unit 222) Arboriculture Dismantling Techniques (Unit 309 / CS41) Arboriculture Pruning Operations (Unit 307 / CS40) Use of a Chainsaw from a Rope and Harness Course (Unit 308 / CS39) Basic Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue (Units 206, 306 / CS38)

H&W Training Courses


H&W Training run a number of Arborist Courses across Scotland and the UK. All of our Arboriculture courses are run by fully qualified NPTC assessors and LANTRA instructors, giving you the necessary NPTC/City & Guilds qualifications you require.

Chainsaw & Forestry

H&W Chainsaw courses are FISA, LANTRA and NPTC accredited to ensure you leave with the necessary chainsaw ticket, licence or award you need to do your job. This includes CS30, CS31, CS32 and CS34/45. All H&W chainsaw training and forestry courses are provided by fully qualified NPTC assessors and LANTRA instructors. 

First Aid

H&W First Aid courses can be delivered across the UK & Ireland to suit your location. All of our Emergency First Aid at Work and First Aid at Work courses have been developed in line with relevant regulatory bodies and associations such as FISA, LANTRA and HSE.

Ground Care & Horticulture

H&W provide a number of Horticulture & Ground Care courses including strimmer training, hedge trimmer training and lawn mower training. These courses are particularly suited to people wishing to work, or currently working, in the horticulture, landscaping and grounds maintenance industries.

Health and Safety

H&W Health and Safety Courses are designed to ensure you and your employees are safe in the workplace. Our Health and Safety training courses include Manual Handling and Abrasive Wheels Training.

Off Road & Vehicle Driving

H&W provide off road driving courses and training for a range of off road and forestry vehicles including 4x4, ATV, Tractor, Forestry Harvesting and Forestry Forwarding.


H&W Pesticide Training provides you with the knowledge and skills you require to operate Ground Crop Sprayers and hand held Pesticide Applicators. Our Pesticide Training courses are NPTC accredited official courses and range from 1 to 3 days in length.

Refresher & Update Courses

H&W Training offer a range of update and refresher training courses, across the range of course categories. FISA Chainsaw Refresher, First Aid at Work Refresher, Lantra chainsaw refreshers and utility arb refreshers are all included under this category.

Tree Surgery

H&W Tree Surgery courses run across Scotland and the UK. Our Tree Surgeon training is run by fully qualified NPTC Assessors and LANTRA instructors, giving you the necessary NPTC/City & Guilds Tree Surgeon related qualifications you require. Courses vary from short 3 day courses to advanced and 6 week block courses.


H&W Training, based in Dumfries (South West Scotland), and with training sites in Cumbria and Newcastle (North England), are fully qualified NPTC Assessors and LANTRA training providers covering the whole of the UK and Ireland.

We provide training courses for individuals, business or groups who need to expand their skills in certain areas for the job they are in, or for themselves. We deal with courses within Forestry and Arboriculture, Vehicles and Off Road driving, Health and Safety, First Aid, Ground Care and Pesticides.

Each of our courses teach you the skills and knowledge you need to do your job effectively and safely, while helping you progress in your chosen career.

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